Paying too much or struggling to comply?

You are probably busy with your business, so the struggle with bookkeeping, GST, PAYE return, and tax are put on the back, right? Stream-Gold Financial Services can help you with tax and eliminate those unexpected tax surprises that play havoc with your cash flow. If you are falling behind with your taxes, we can also assist. Yes, we are Xero and BankLink advisors.

Stream-Gold Financial Services have specialist tools and resources for sole traders and small business companies. We speak your language and will get your business running smoothly. We know that you juggle with long hours, so do not waste your time sorting out the books. That is what we love doing.


Monthly accounting

We manage all the monthly accounting for you to keep you on track including monthly processing, GST, and end of year financials.

Annual accounting

Sleep easy knowing we will prepare timely end-of-year accounts, including profit and loss, balance sheet, and depreciation schedule.

Payroll services

With our Payroll service, we will help you with payroll processing and filing to IRD. This is a specialist Payroll service designed for small business employers.

Rental properties

We can help you manage your rental property financials better and keep track of expenses and income, helping you claim more and pay less tax.

Sole Trader and small business returns

We can help you manage your business finances and minimize your tax returns.

Stream-Gold Tax in Lower Hutt



FREE: Initial consultation

FREE: Xero training, Banklink

FREE: Business system setup

FREE: Unlimited email/phone support as a client.

Because we have ran small businesses ourselves and have worked in rental properties, we understand the demands of small to medium business.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you. We enjoy empowering our clients and will tailor our solutions specifically to suit your need.


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